terça-feira, 23 de janeiro de 2007

Tag notfollow nos links da Wikipedia - Parte 2

Matt Cutts comenta sobre a iniciativa da Wikipedia em colocar a tag notfollow nos links.

"Wikipedia is adding nofollow to its external links. Brion Vibber announced this on a mailing list, and there’s some discussion at the bottom of this this section. The nice thing is that Brion’s email mentions “Better heuristic and manual flagging tools for URLs would of course be super,” which means that Wikipedia is open to ways that allow more trustworthy links to be “follow”-able. But for the present, I think it’s the right call: the incentive to create spammy links on Wikipedia has been massively reduced. As one SEO person commented on a forum, “Yeah, that sucks. All those hours spent spamming wikipedia, gone to waste…” Over time, I believe Wikipedia will probably find ways to remove nofollow from links that are more trusted. If you’re interested in helping with that, see Brion’s email for how to get involved. I don’t expect this change to affect Google’s rankings very much, but it’s good to see the Wikipedia folks paying close attention to link spam (and open to refining their trust for external links)."

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